Thursday, August 13, 2015

Non La White pine とんがり帽子の五葉松

My next project tree was White pine.
I love the fragrance of White pine.

Have a look at the tree.
  • The first branch on the left side is too strong to bend and too low position.
  • All second branches on right side go to back side.

From a comprehensive perspective, I planned as follows:
  • As long as I can't bend the first strong branch, I carefully chose the front of tree not to come straightforwardly.
  • I tilted the tree backward, so I could make space between the wood base to the first branch.
  • I needed to bend the second branches to front.
This is like a Non La which is Vietnamese hat.
The tree became cute. I like it.
It's still over 30 degrees here in Osaka.
Wear a hat like this tree. (^ - ^)/"

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Puppy Shimpaku Juniper こぢんまり真柏

After a nice Black pine (Look at my previous tree), I received a small Shimpaku Juniper again. I sometimes passed over the tree and was interested in the trunk. The trunk is crazy twisted and the Shari showed it more interesting.

First, I cut unnecessary branches and trimmed leaves. I found that quite many branches died. I made some Jin and just cut off others. I polished the trunk with sand paper and paint lime sulfur on Jin and Shari.

I work in the very hot room. I sweated a lot and got heat rash! We sometimes can't have tea break, so I always bring drink. My Senpai are working in A/C room... Great!

I felt weird the shape of the tree, so I thought up to cut low branches. I covered the branches with towel first, and then I knew the tree would be better. 
I cut those branches and made Jin, changed front and angle. I showed Tachiagari Shari.
I wired it on. I think the tree became cute.