Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Thank you for writing a comment.
 “What kind of fertilizer are you using for this time of year?”

This is the fertilizer which we use throughout the year is composed of nitrogen 4.0%, phosphoric acid 2.0% and potash 1.0%.
We can use it for both Shouhaku and Zouki Bonsai.
If you give it for Shouhin Bonsai, you should divide it into halves.

Solid fertilizer lasts effect longer; therefore, it’s used for ordinary Bonsai.
Liquid fertilizer has an immediate effect; therefore, it’s suitable for Bonsai with stone, group planting Bonsai and Kusamono Bonsai.


  1. it's a lot of nitrogen for the autumn, no?

  2. If you give a lot of nitrogen for deciduous trees in autum, new leaves grow up in winter. Therefore, the new leaves would be frozen to death.