Wednesday, September 3, 2014

夏い(熱い)光華園 Hot Kouka-en

We rebuilt the fence at Kouka-en in this summer.
There was a fence made of blue woven metallic wire before. We cut it and spaced lumbers out. The design of new fence emphasizes “Japanese style”. We can often see like this fence in Kyoto. I think the current fence has a relaxed ambience and so cool.

I mostly painted lumbers, spattering paint on my face and clothes. I worked under the roof but my clothes were soaked with sweat all day. I clearly remember that those days were super hot.

After rebuilding the fence, Oyakata ( boss ) took us out to nice dinner. The beer I drunk the day was very nice!





What we did in this summer are:
  • checked trees if they got dry or not several times a day and gave water more often than other season. 
  • tore a lot of vigorous weeds out of the soil.
  • Used the shadowing nets to protect trees from the hot summer sun.
    And so on. The summer rolled by quickly.


I have been working on this Shimpaku. This Jin pokes in my eyes many times.
I wanna finish this tree as soon as possible.


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