Sunday, July 12, 2015

wiring on the coolest black pine 黒松の針金かけ

I usually work on trees which is small or having a few branches or having thick but short branches or too young so it has very fragile branches or just came from farm trees.

It’s first time to work on such a nice tree for me.
This black pine has got a nice wood base and a lot of thin branches.
The left strong branch is the character of this tree, so I wanted to make a point on it.

When I was wiring on this tree, a customer came and said that “Hey! You improved wiring!” After a few hours later, another customer came and said the same things. Then, I thought that Bonsai depends on raw material. Even if the person, whose wiring skill is so so, wired a nice tree, the tree would look cool. If the person whose wiring skill is very good worked on a poor tree, the tree would be better but still looks so so.

I realized that good raw material is easy to wire because the branches are already sorted out properly. Big tree needs to be different wiring skill. For example, the way of graving a thick branch and wire, wiring thick wire, making pads, and so on.

If you worked on poor trees only, you can’t improve your skill or can improve very slowly.
I suggest that work on a good material. Then, you will find out a new problem and solution. You will repeat it and improve.
This is also help you that a good tree is taken care properly and styled by the person who should have good wiring skill. You will see the trace of previous styling. Then, think why this branch was placed here.

I learned a lot of things from this tree.This tree is very old.
Many people worked on this tree so far. I'm glad to become one of them.
I just hope no one breaks any branches on this tree and that it will be watered correctly.

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