Friday, August 30, 2013

山ガールから盆栽ガールへ The reason why I wanted to be a Bonsai artist


As I like to climb a mountain, I usually do on holiday. Regardless of the same mountain, it changes each season. I inhaled a scent of Japanese cherry and Japanese apricot in spring. I took a rest under leafy trees in summer. I enjoyed the changing colors of autumn leaves in autumn. I slipped but no problem because there were fallen leaves under snow in winter. My memories of climbing mountain are always with trees.
One day, I saw a picture of pine tree Bonsai by chance. It was different from big trees in a mountain and it was like a baby tree but it had an air of dignity. I was attracted and drank in the cool of the Bonsai. As I fell in love with Bonsai in a moment, I found out about any information of Bonsai and then I knew a Bonsai artist. I have thought that it’s nice to take care of trees and make shape of trees at will. That’s why I decided to be a Bonsai artist.

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