Saturday, August 31, 2013

修行先を探しに Looking for the place to train as a Bonsai artist

どこの盆栽園でも先生方はとても親切で、急に現れた私を温かくもてなして下さり、話を真剣にお聞きいただきアドバイスまで下さいました。先生の考え方は各々ありましたが、盆栽に対する強い情熱は皆同じだった事が印象的でした。 また、盆栽の関係者の方々にも色々お世話になり、心から感謝しております。たくさんの良い出会いがあって心温まる素敵な思い出となりました。


I looked around many Bonsai nurseries in Japan after I decided to be a Bonsai artist.  Many masters of Bonsai were very kind. They welcomed me warmly despite I didn’t get an appointment. They listened to me seriously and gave me advice. Each master has got different opinion but all of them have got strong passion. I’m so glad to meet a lot of nice people and really thank them.

All Bonsai nurseries were cleaned and also there were lots of arts there which were like a museum. If you found a favorite one, you would lose your sense of time. Bonsai nursery is nostalgic and relaxing. Why don’t you go to a Bonsai nursery?

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