Sunday, September 1, 2013

私が選んだ修行先は Who is my boss?




As a result of a combination of things after looking around Bonsai nurseries, I decided to work at Fujikawa Kouka En. That is the place where I came for the Bonsai tour for the first time and also not before in my life.

That day when I came for the first time, there were lots of Bonsai then I had a strange feeling of being at forest path. When I climb a mountain, I usually look up trees but I can see Bonsai from all sides, which is interesting for me. After looking over Bonsai, I talked to some apprentices. They looked active and a foreigner spoke Japanese very well. At last, I could to meet Fujikawa-san to ask what apprentices do?

After the Bonsai tour, I made a final decision. As the boss is kind, easy to talk and has high technological skills and also apprentices are elegant and friendly, I decided Fujikawa Kouka En. When I went there again to ask him if I could be his apprentice, Fujikawa-san looked feel a bit of confusion. But finally he allowed me to be an apprentice. I was so happy to hear that and I swore to myself to work hard.

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