Sunday, February 8, 2015

Frost protection 霜よけ

It's coldest season here in Japan. I often find frost in the morning.
We usually use shadowing net to prevent from frost in winter but we don't use it this year.
Other nurseries put trees under boards or in a room to prevent from frost.
I'm latest apprentice, so I always go to nursery earliest in the morning. Then I can see the beautiful frost glittering.


I found a lot of trees have got many thin roots on the surface of the soil. Trees are waiting for repotting.


The buds of Japanese apricot have become bigger day by day.


When I was walking on the street, I smelt sweet flavor from Chimonanthus praecox. When I see wild trees on the street, I tend to think what this tree is going to be if I cut branches and wired.
Spring is coming soon here in Osaka, Japan. I can’t wait for repotting my trees.


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