Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Learning from troubled tree

Those are my recent works at Kouka-en.
The student of "Fujikawa International School of Bonsai" usually works on those materials.
I hope those trees are helpful examples to imagine how you wire at the school.

1, Han-Kengai (Semi-cascade)

2, Shakan (Slanting)

3, Sokan (Two-trunk)

The trunk and the branches of the tree I wired are similar to left side tree which is Kicho Bonsai (Important Bonsai Masterpieces).

4, Moyogi ( Informal upright)
This tree hadn't taken care appropriately.
Problem 1) Branches run up and down.
I wired flatly to be same level of other branches. When it was difficult, I cut it.

Problem 2) Brunches are twisted.
The twisted brunches were very thin and weak. I untwisted and place branches in the right position.

Problem 3) Too many branches run from the same part.
I cut and left two branches.

Finally, I squished the top part by guy-wire to make it compact.
< Point >
I think what professional work is that professional can wire as if it’s a leafy tree even if the tree has got a few branches and a few leaves.
How you can make it is

  • To place branches certain distance
  • To make a lot of different level branches

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  1. Hello Yuri, I enjoyed visiting Your Site. Wonderful to see Your Progress.
    Love Peter. X