Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day バレンタインデー

Feb. 14th is Valentine's Day when woman gives chocolate to man in Japan. And then girl tell someone she loves him. Woman also gives chocolate for someone out of a sense of social obligation.

Department and store make special chocolate booth for Valentine's Day. Women come and buy expensive special chocolate for the special day. 

Mar. 14th is called White day. Man who received chocolate at Valentine's Day must give something in return. For example, candy, marshmallow and so on.

School boys compete with their friends the next day how many chocolates they got. Of cause, the most handsome boy in the class room usually get the most chocolates.

I gave chocolates Oyakata (boss) and apprentices last year. I think it’s difficult to do this year because Oyakata and one of apprentices have been to Kokufu exhibition.

I bought some chocolates for myself. These are my favorite chocolates “Tim Tam”. I also love any Swiss and Belgium chocolates.

I hope you have a nice Valentine's Day.

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