Thursday, August 13, 2015

Non La White pine とんがり帽子の五葉松

My next project tree was White pine.
I love the fragrance of White pine.

Have a look at the tree.
  • The first branch on the left side is too strong to bend and too low position.
  • All second branches on right side go to back side.

From a comprehensive perspective, I planned as follows:
  • As long as I can't bend the first strong branch, I carefully chose the front of tree not to come straightforwardly.
  • I tilted the tree backward, so I could make space between the wood base to the first branch.
  • I needed to bend the second branches to front.
This is like a Non La which is Vietnamese hat.
The tree became cute. I like it.
It's still over 30 degrees here in Osaka.
Wear a hat like this tree. (^ - ^)/"

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Puppy Shimpaku Juniper こぢんまり真柏

After a nice Black pine (Look at my previous tree), I received a small Shimpaku Juniper again. I sometimes passed over the tree and was interested in the trunk. The trunk is crazy twisted and the Shari showed it more interesting.

First, I cut unnecessary branches and trimmed leaves. I found that quite many branches died. I made some Jin and just cut off others. I polished the trunk with sand paper and paint lime sulfur on Jin and Shari.

I work in the very hot room. I sweated a lot and got heat rash! We sometimes can't have tea break, so I always bring drink. My Senpai are working in A/C room... Great!

I felt weird the shape of the tree, so I thought up to cut low branches. I covered the branches with towel first, and then I knew the tree would be better. 
I cut those branches and made Jin, changed front and angle. I showed Tachiagari Shari.
I wired it on. I think the tree became cute.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

wiring on the coolest black pine 黒松の針金かけ

I usually work on trees which is small or having a few branches or having thick but short branches or too young so it has very fragile branches or just came from farm trees.

It’s first time to work on such a nice tree for me.
This black pine has got a nice wood base and a lot of thin branches.
The left strong branch is the character of this tree, so I wanted to make a point on it.

When I was wiring on this tree, a customer came and said that “Hey! You improved wiring!” After a few hours later, another customer came and said the same things. Then, I thought that Bonsai depends on raw material. Even if the person, whose wiring skill is so so, wired a nice tree, the tree would look cool. If the person whose wiring skill is very good worked on a poor tree, the tree would be better but still looks so so.

I realized that good raw material is easy to wire because the branches are already sorted out properly. Big tree needs to be different wiring skill. For example, the way of graving a thick branch and wire, wiring thick wire, making pads, and so on.

If you worked on poor trees only, you can’t improve your skill or can improve very slowly.
I suggest that work on a good material. Then, you will find out a new problem and solution. You will repeat it and improve.
This is also help you that a good tree is taken care properly and styled by the person who should have good wiring skill. You will see the trace of previous styling. Then, think why this branch was placed here.

I learned a lot of things from this tree.This tree is very old.
Many people worked on this tree so far. I'm glad to become one of them.
I just hope no one breaks any branches on this tree and that it will be watered correctly.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tamahi ( fertilizer ) 玉肥

It has been cloudy with occasional showers here in Osaka, Japan.

Trees got the fertilizer which is called Tamahi.
Tama means ball and Hi means fertilizer in Japanese.
It is organic fertilizer. The main materials are oil cake and bone powder.
Those are kneaded, made ball and dried.
Tamahi is dissolved by water little by little, so it takes effect in long term.

Some species love fertilizer. For example, Japanese cedar, Japanese apricot, gardenia, Crape myrtle, zelkova, beech, gingko, etc... Give them enough fertilizer.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Shimpaku juniper fruits 真柏狩り

I've been cutting wires off for nearly 1 month. Luckily, I got another work!
It is picking fruits up from Shimpaku juniper!
I did the same work last year at this season.

This tree has got a plenty of fruits. It's adorable but those fruits put much strain on the tree.
We should pick fruits up.
Some of them are mint green color. And others are lime green color.

I collected more than 200 fruits. I wish I could plant those seeds.
But Shimpaku Juniper grew up slowly. When I became a grandma, it would be grown tree.

I'll back to my work ( cutting wires all day for 1 month). See you!

Friday, May 22, 2015

cut & cut & cut...

I finished cutting wire off from all these trees.
Most of trees were bitten by wire. 
My bucket is full of cut wires.
I did good job, didn't I?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Flea market at Toji temple京都・東寺フリマに潜入